What We Can Do For You

We can work with you to realise the full potential of your brand. We can tease out stories, campaigns and opportunities to create unique campaigns to get people talking.

Media Liaison

We liaise consistently and concisely with all sections of the media, from the business pages to features and lifestyles and, of course, news pages. We’re proud to represent our clients across all media platforms.

Agency Liaison

We work with all agencies on behalf of our clients, often providing briefing documents and hosting inter-agency meetings. We encourage co-operation between all agencies from media buying to advertising.

Client Liaison

We will listen to you and design campaigns to specifically  meet the needs of your brand. We will continue to provide ideas, input and advice as the relationship grows. We will provide consistent and reliable reporting so you know we’re meeting our objectives.


We create content to ensure your brand has enduring visibility. Through carefully considered and choreographed photography and videography from our in house production team, we will ensure consistent brand messaging across all platforms.


We create, develop and grow  social  media  campaigns  across  all  networks, incorporating  stills and video to maximise engagement. We provide consistent reporting for organic reach and provide strategy and implementation for long term campaigns.



We have a voluminous contacts book and work with a large network of high profile individuals who can provide input and support on a multiplicity of topics, across a variety of platforms. We specialise in finding the right people for your brand.